Federation Update

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This update introduces Federations and Universes and retires the concept of Committees.

A Federation is a collection of Universes that share an owner and billing relationship. A Universe, formerly a Committee, represents a common use case of Hubble. It could represent a political, a company, or a local club/organization.

Federation Hub After confirming your Hubble account you’ll gain the ability to create Federations and Universes.

Launch Bay The starting destination for all your interactions with Hubble. Easily see pending requests to join a Universe. If you’ve already been working with multiple Hubble Committees the Launch Bay replaces the Switch Committee feature.

General Ledger The Finance Hub is powered by a double entry accounting system. With this update, you now gain the ability to directly view the balance of your Universes.

Trackable Links With the Contact Hub, you can now create redirect links for whatever you want and then easily track as they are used.

Other Changes

  • Admin Hub now includes the ability to configure your Universe without contacting Hubble Support.
  • Streamlined the experience for creating and editing Questions with selectable options.
  • Workflow Triggers
  • A new pricing structure that allows you to select which Hubs your Federation needs.
  • Changes to our Privacy Policy to reflect the updated terminology.