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Houston, we've got a solution here.

Hubble is the all-in-one solution for your campaign's contact management, financial accounting, and communication needs.

Built to help you win

With powerful automation and everything in one place you'll make better decisions along the way. Just tell Hubble your voters and it'll do the rest.

Designed for grassroots

Run a professional campaign for a fraction of the cost. Canvassing, fundraising, outreach, and recruitment have never been easier.

Works with the whole team

Campaigns wouldn't be possible without volunteers and Hubble knows this. Your volunteers are be able to connect with the Campaign and feel like a member of the team.

All in one solution

Mission Control for a winning campaign

All the time you would have wasted configuring and managing multiple applications can now be used to engage your network and win your campaign.

Contact Hub


Data Forms


Community Hub

Multiverses to share Contact data between Universes

Hands-free data import

Campaign Hub




Turf Cutting

Volunteer Hub

Workflow Automation

Coordinated Campaigns Coming Soon!

Candidate Websites Coming Soon!

Communication Hub

Phone Banking

Text Banking

Email Sending & Tracking

Drag & Drop Editor

Mailing Lists & Subscriptions

Social Media Integration Coming Soon!

Finance Hub



Asks and Pledges

ActBlue Integration

Loan & Debt Tracking Coming Soon!

Ohio Compliance Reporting
Coming Soon!

No need to integrate

One app to rule them all

From nonprofit organizations to movements for the White House, Hubble allows you to replace your tools from multiple vendors.


View contacts, donors, voters, and volunteers all in one place.

Action Network

Calls, emails, and tickets events for all your contacts.

Campaign Deputy

Phone and Text Banking have never been easier.


Create mailing lists and emails that can be scheduled to your contacts.


Plan events and easily handle shift sign-ups and RSVPs.


Create questions and conduct online cavasses.

Launch petitions and gather signatures to show the strength of your network


Collect data from multiple sources and view it all in one place.

Out of this world productivity

Less searching, more doing

Making calls to your network has never been easier with so much information at your fingertips. From within a call you can easily review household contacts or update contact information.

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Whatever your definition of success is Hubble can help get you there; It's the tool to help you run a winning campaign.

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