Enhanced Email Subscriptions

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product update

We’re excited to announce the launch of five new features aimed at improving email subscription management for candidates and voters.

Confirmed Opt-In Email Subscriptions: This feature ensures that subscribers explicitly confirm their interest in receiving campaign emails, enhancing engagement and compliance with email marketing regulations. After confirming their subscription, recipients can choose which Mail Topics they’re interested in.

Auto-Unsubscribe and Resubscribe: Hubble now automatically unsubscribes users who have not engaged with emails for a set period, maintaining a clean and responsive email list. Additionally, if a previously unsubscribed user opens an email, they are automatically resubscribed, ensuring no missed connections.

One-Click Unsubscribe Support: To enhance user experience and compliance, Hubble introduces a one-click unsubscribe option, making it effortless for recipients to opt-out of email communications right within their inbox.

Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights with detailed metrics (delivered, open, click, bounce, complaint, and unsubscribe) for individual mailings and globally.

Halt In-Progress Mailings: Easily pause or stop mailings that are already in progress, giving you greater control over your communications.

These features underscore Hubble’s commitment to efficient and compliant campaign communication, helping campaigns maintain a highly engaged and relevant audience.