California and Arkansas and Emails! Oh my!

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product update

We’re excited to announce that Hubble, the premier platform for managing political campaigns, now supports candidates in California and Arkansas! This expansion allows campaigns in these states to benefit from Hubble’s comprehensive suite of tools designed to centralize voter data, streamline canvassing efforts, and enhance fundraising capabilities.

New Fearures

We’re also thrilled to roll out a series of new features on the platform, designed to make your campaign management even more efficient and effective.

Saved Contact and Voter Searches: Easily save your frequent searches for quick access, ensuring you can efficiently manage and engage with your key voter segments.

Send Test Emails Before Mass Mailings: Avoid errors and ensure your message is perfect by sending test emails to yourself or your team before launching a full email campaign.

Track Email Subscription Unsubscribes: Gain insights into why contacts unsubscribe with detailed tracking, helping you refine your communication strategy.

Dedicated Screen for Email Subscriptions and Unsubscribes: Monitor and manage your email lists with a dedicated screen that displays subscription statuses and unsubscribe reasons.

Mail Log with Detailed Delivery Stats: Keep track of all your mailings with a comprehensive mail log that includes detailed delivery statistics, helping you understand the reach and impact of your email campaigns.

We’ve also made it easier to search for voters by Municipality or Township!

Whether you’re running a grassroots campaign or a larger operation, Hubble provides the resources you need to connect with voters effectively.