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Our origin story.

Why it became our mission to make it easier to run for office.

Hubble began, unofficially, in February 2019 when I started planning my campaign for Ohio State Senate. I needed something to help track finances and store the data collected on social media and from my campaign website; Being a software developer and running a low-budget campaign I wanted to keep costs low as long as possible. Over the next 11 months, I worked my full-time job during the day, campaigned during the evenings, and built Hubble at night.

Unfortunately, my political campaign wasn't successful I found a better use of my talents volunteering with local congressional candidate Joel Newby. Joel's campaign needed something to help cut turf that wouldn't make us sell the farm. Hubble officially launches into orbit on February 18, 2020.

“While my political campaign wasn't successful I've found a better use of my talents providing local campaigns the tools they need to win without selling the farm.”

COVID-19 upended the world and forced candidates to run their campaigns online for the forceable future. We double-downed and put all efforts into building Hubble.

Over the next few years we continued to add features to Hubble and were selected as a Mercury First Seed finalist in 2022. Hubble has been used by more than 6 campaigns to connect with voters throughout Ohio.

Built to help you win

With powerful automation and everything in one place you'll make better decisions along the way. Just tell Hubble your voters and it'll do the rest.

Designed for grassroots

Run a professional campaign for a fraction of the cost. Canvassing, fundraising, outreach, and recruitment have never been easier.

For the whole team

Campaigns aren't possible without volunteers and Hubble knows this; Your volunteers can connect with the Campaign and feel like a member of the team.

Register today. Campaign tomorrow.

Avoid the stress and costs of multiple apps by using Hubble.