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Mission Control for your political campaign.

Centralize control of your campaign so you can focus on winning the election.


Voter data and voting history
Ohio, California, and Arkansas voter data

Data Forms

Saved Lists

Trackable Links

Workflow Automation

Data Import

Canvassing (Physical & Online)

Turf Cutting

Event Calendar


File Storage

Project Tracking

Postcard shipping

Phone Banking

Text Banking

Email Sending & Tracking

Drag & Drop email designer

Blog Posts

Mailing Lists & Subscriptions





Double-entry bookkeeping

Compliance Reporting
Ohio only

ActBlue Integration

Built to help you win

With powerful automation and everything in one place you'll make better decisions along the way. Just tell Hubble your voters and it'll do the rest.

Designed for grassroots

Run a professional campaign for a fraction of the cost. Canvassing, fundraising, outreach, and recruitment have never been easier.

For the whole team

Campaigns aren't possible without volunteers and Hubble knows this; Your volunteers can connect with the Campaign and feel like a member of the team.

Register today. Campaign tomorrow.

Use Hubble and avoid the stress and costs of multiple apps.