2023 Election Cycle Recap

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It’s been an incredibly busy year here at Hubble! We’re pleased to announce that all candidates who used Hubble this past cycle won their races! Thanks to those hard working campaigns, Hubble has gained a ton of new features and improvements since our last update. We’ve highlighted some of the most important changes to Hubble and included them below.

There has also been significant progress on our iOS app for mobile canvassing! We’ve launched a limited beta-program and expect to have the app ready for download in 2024 Q1.

New Fearures

  • Dedicated screen for filtering Absentee Ballots by status
  • Track relationships between Contacts
  • Social media profile tracking for Contacts
  • Search voters by registration date
  • Expanded voter search by electoral history
  • Voter Leads and volunteer referral of leads
  • Search for Contacts by Call Session, Canvass, Event, Form, Petition, and/or Mail Topic
  • Dedicated screen for filtering campaign volunteers by volunteer duty
  • Printing absentee ballot status, voter lead, and contact notes and tags on Walk Lists
  • Print walk lists in portrait orientation
  • Display historical voter registration information
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) support and sign-in/session tracking

Changes and Improvements

  • Contact and Voter search are separate experiences
  • See all Contact information during Call Time
  • More powerful email scheduling
  • Faster contact and voter searches
  • Faster querying of people who share an address
  • Faster Voter File updates
  • Added pagination to various data-intensive screens to increase load times
  • Improved tracking of email delivery and open rates
  • Improved List management and exporting
  • Improved data-sharing experience with Multiverses
  • Improved financial compliance reporting

We are committed to continuously improving Hubble and providing our users with the tools they need to run effective and successful campaigns. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!