February Update

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Team Hubble
product update

This update introduces various quality of life improvements.


  • Community Hub: A form on the landing page to join a Universes mailing list.


  • Campaign Hub: When viewing a Canvass, you can now directly click a response timestamp to view the response directly.
  • Community Hub: Updated references to Mailing List.
  • Community Hub: Revamped the experience when a user manages their mailing list subscription.
  • Community Hub: Update verbiage when referring to a Universe.
  • Community Hub: Removed unnecessary headers.
  • Community Hub: Social media links in the header open in a new tab.
  • Community Hub: Reordered links on the landing page.


  • Communication Hub: Unsubscribe links work as expected in emails.
  • Community Hub: Social media links in the header display as expected.