Emails+ Update

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Team Hubble
product update

We added a few new features and enhancements to our Contact and Communication Hubs. We also tweaked a few of our other features to make Hubble even more awesome.

  • The Sidebar now highlights which area you’re working in.
  • Universes can now control which Tags are shared with Sub-universes in their Universe.

Communication Hub

  • The Email creation and design experience has been revamped
  • You can now fully preview emails within Hubble
  • Emails can also now be sent immediately or scheduled for a specific time

Contact Hub

  • The Subscriber tag is now available and allows you to search for contacts who are subscribed to your universes mailing list.
  • Slight changes to the Contact Search experience to accommodate future expansion.


  • Resolved an issue where the state of an Address would not display as expected.