Speed & Productivity Update

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Team Hubble
product update

We implemented just a few tweaks and optimizations so that Hubble is faster and easier to use.

  • Signing up as a volunteer in the Community Hub is now easier
  • Lots of screens look better on mobile and tablet devices
  • Creating Canvasses from the Turf Cutter is faster
  • Calls & Text logs, Canvass responses, Event attendees, Petition signatures, are all sorted by creation date and paginated to increase load times.
  • The Constituent tag now only appears for applicable universes.
  • Resolved several pesky bugs that got in the way of your productivity.

Admin Hub

  • Online Contributions has been moved to Universe Summary
  • Universe Summary now displays which Voter Districts you have access to
  • Universe Summary now displays various Community Hub links

Contact Search

  • Search results have been limited to the first 100 results but you can still save results and page through them
  • Sub-universes can now search by their Parent Universes Tags
  • All voter search parameters have been consolidated into a Voter File section
  • You can now search by voters election participation (which elections they voted in)


  • Saving Lists from contact search results is faster
  • Loading a list is now greatly improved since contacts are now paged.
  • Autogenerated identifiers are now capitalized

Voter Data

  • Updated data for Fairfield County, Ohio
  • Voter History back to the year 2000 is now available
  • Voter History is now formatted as a table
  • Voter Districts are now sorted by name and have been moved to the Voter Profile tab