Community Hub and other improvements

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Team Hubble
product update
  • Hubble now includes a Community Hub where each universe can post content and stay connected with potential constituents, donors, and volunteers.
    • Display Events on your Calendar
    • Allow guests to browse Petitions and Surveys and then complete them
    • Control which resources appear in the Community Hub from your Campaign Hub
  • Committees can now create Forms! They allow you to create custom landing pages to collect Contact information. Afterwards, the information has been saved you can apply various actions to control the user experience.
  • Enabled account registration for users without a campaign link. Acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service is now required.
  • Small redesign to the Campaign Hub
  • Call Sessions have been renamed to Calls and Texts
  • Campaigns renamed to Projects
  • Multiple backend improvements to ensure Hubble is capable of running multiple campaigns at once